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        Temp & humidity chamber

        KWGDS series introduction: this chamber is suitable for the product (complete machine), parts, materials to perform high temperature test, low temperature test, high&low temperature cycling test and temperature filtrating test(ESS). This chamber can be used for the tests of heat emission samples and non heat emission samples. For the test of heat emission samples, the cooling power can not exceed the refrigeration capacity of chamber, because the refrigeration capacity is a dynamic value, which will change with changeable temperature, and at the same time, higher humidity will also be affected by the condensation which is caused by the heat emission products.
        KWGDS series detailed parameters
        Type KWGDS6025 KWGDS605 KWGDS61 KWGDS62
        Performance parameters Temperature range -70℃~150℃
        Temperature fluctuation ≤1℃(≤±0.5℃, according to GB/T5170-1996)
        Temperature deviation ±2℃
        Humidity range 10%~98%RH
        Humidity deviation +2~-3%(>75%RH),±5%(≤75%RH)
        Heating rate ≥10℃/min(-55℃→+85℃, average,
        with 12Kg Al)
        ≥5℃/min(-40℃→+80℃, average,
        no load)
        ≥15℃/min(-55℃→+85℃, average,
        with 100Kg Al +1000W)
        Cooling rate ≥10℃/min(+85℃→-55℃, average,
        with 12Kg Al)
        ≥5℃/min(+80℃→-40℃, average,
        no load)
        ≥15℃/min(+85℃→-55℃, average,
        with 100Kg Al +1000W)
        Structure Shell Cold-rolled steel plate with two-sided electrostatic spray powder(ivory)
        Inner wall material Stainless steel plate
        Thermal insulation material Rigid polyurethane foam
        Refrigeration Refrigerating method Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
        Refrigerator Imported compressor
        Observation window 300×400mm
        Test hole two, one at the left and the other one at the right
        Data storage and interfaces Native SD card, RS485, USB
        Inner dimension (mm)
        D 600 700 900 1200
        W 600 800 1150 1400
        H 670 870 1070 1170
        External dimension (mm)
        D 2400 2035 2245 3882
        W 1150 1000 1350 1700
        H 1860 1850 2110 2400
        Installed power 19KVA 18.5KVA 20.5KVA 121KVA
        Cooling water (water cooling equipment) Water temperature:5℃≤water temperature≤28℃ can meet all the technical index,  and 28℃≤water temperature<33℃ can operate normally (cooling time has some changes);
        The pressure difference between in and out water: ≥0.2MPa
        Power supply 380V±10%,50Hz±1 three phase four wire + ground wire and grounding protection resistance is less than 4Ω

        Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment CO.,LTD. 2012 渝ICP備09054543號 技術支持:Hansa