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        High Temp chamber
        High temperature chamber
        Introduction: this chamber is suitable for the product (complete machine), parts, materials to perform high temperature storage test.

        WG series detailed parameters
        Type WG3002 WG3006 WG301
        Performance parameters Temperature range RT+20~+300℃
        Temperature fluctuation ≤1℃(≤±0.5℃,according to GB/T5170-1996)
        Temperature uniformity ≤2℃(RT+20℃~+200℃)
        Temperature deviation ±2℃(RT+20℃~+200℃)
        Heating up time 90min(room temperature →+300℃)
        Structure Shell Cold-rolled steel plate with two-sided electrostatic spray powder(ivory)
        Inner wall material Stainless steel plate
        Thermal insulation material Glass wool
        Test hole One at the left side
        Inner dimension (mm) D 500 800 1000
        W 600 800 1000
        H 700 1000 1000
        External dimension (mm) D 780 1080 1280
        W 1320 1490 1690
        H 1160 1580 1580
        Installed power 3.6kW 10kW 12kW
        Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz±1 single phase + ground wire and grounding protection resistance is less than 4Ω 380V±10%,50Hz±1 three phase four wire + ground wire and grounding protection resistance is less than 4Ω
        Satisfy the standards GB/T 2423.2、GJB 150.3
        Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment CO.,LTD. 2012 渝ICP備09054543號 技術支持:Hansa